3 ways to maintain your mental health for remote workers

Today, more people are becoming open about their mental health. A lot of companies and universities are now advocating for a safe and healthy working environment. However, maintaining good mental health is a challenge amidst all these circumstances.
According to a study by the McGill University in Canada, people engaged in a temporary, contract, or casual, fixed-term positions were more susceptible to poor mental health than those in long-term, stable employment. The problems stem from inconsistent working arrangements and
hours, inadequate personal growth or career progression opportunities, constant change and the need to evolve quickly, and job roles that lack challenges.
It only aggravated because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many workers lost their jobs while others faced work in less-than-favorable conditions. Work, in general, is challenging during times of crisis. In this article, we will provide handles to maintain good mental health.

1. Strive for work-life balance

A temporary job is full of constant changes. You may find yourself not being able to balance
your work and personal life. There might even be times when you work without breaks.
It would help to your habits and routines outside work as consistent and healthy as possible.
Doing so will keep you from feeling stressed. What you can do is set clear boundaries and rules.
For instance, avoid working beyond your designated working hours.
Set time for your interests and hobbies. Get enough sleep, exercise, and minimize alcohol
intake. Also, take the time to bond with your friends and family.

2. Prepare for your new work.

You may only be a temporary worker, but it doesn’t mean you should provide half-baked work.
Do your best to succeed in your assignment from the very first day. Make new friends and contacts at your new workplace.
Reach out to your workmates and build connections with them. Don’t be afraid to ask advice from your peers or offer assistance. A buddy system can also be helpful. Also, maintain a good
relationship with your boss.
You may only be working temporarily, but you must treat each temp job as an opportunity to learn new skills. Don’t just look at it as a short-term income. Use it as a way to gain further information. Other employees shy away from some jobs; you can always take up those jobs.

3. Be proactive about your temporary work.

Being in a temporary job doesn’t mean you won’t have any room for growth. Use the time spent
in your current assignment to learn new things and reflect on what you like and dislike. During
your free time, update your CV and work with a recruiter.
Also, take responsibility for your learning. Train for new skills. It’s good that you learn to upskill
and reskill. Take on any learning opportunities for you to grow. You never know when you’ll
need them in the future.


Temporary workers experience different stressors that can affect their mental health. Follow our tips to help you maintain a balanced mental health. You can always reach out to skilled experts
for professional help.
Asking for help shouldn’t be an embarrassing thing. Maintaining your mental health is essential
to function well. A mental health coach from BeYoe can help you. Contact us today!


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