The confidence crisis amidst working from home

working from homeWorking from home in 2020 has indeed caused unexpected changes and transformative experiences. Last year, we saw economies fall, businesses rise, communities adapt, and the world cope. To keep the economy and society itself from shutting down, companies worldwide made use of various telecommunication applications and electronic devices to stay afloat and keep on functioning.

The working from home Revolution

Everyone would agree that 2020 was not the best year. But, even amidst the countless disasters, tragedies, and chaos, the world also witnessed victories and positive changes.

For example, although remote work has already existed long before the pandemic, the need for it rose and ignited a permanent and significant transformation in the workplace.
Due to the rapid growth in numbers of people and companies practicing remote work, it seems the very definition of a workplace has been forever altered.
As a consequence, employees no longer need to be enclosed in cubicles, and companies don’t need to have actual offices to be considered a business—any organization can thrive and succeed purely by establishing its presence and boosting its visibility online.
Undoubtedly, the work revolution has brought positive changes in the past year, providing an opportunity for businesses to survive and people to secure jobs despite the pandemic. However, although remote work has proved beneficial, it doesn’t mean that it has been easy for everyone.

The Confidence Crisis

On paper, remote work seems like the perfect solution—it improves accessibility for various types of people, decreases the costs of running a company, and lets employees have their own space to feel comfortable working in.

At first, it sounds perfect, but, unfortunately, it can make some problems worse and cause work performance to fluctuate.
Everyone questions themselves from time to time, especially when it comes to work-related matters. You’re not alone in having moments when you’ve felt like you couldn’t keep up or meet the expectations of your supervisor—we’re humans, after all.
Although self-doubt is normal and happens to everybody, dangerously low self-confidence isn’t good. Unfortunately, working from home has only made this problem much worse.
Working from home has its benefits, but isolation allows thoughts of self-deprecation to consume one’s mind and heart. Without co-workers to comfort you or speak to, it can be challenging to figure out how to be mentally healthy, causing a deeper dent in their self-confidence and holding them back from performing their best at work.

Becoming More Confident While Working From Home

Self-confidence is a serious issue that can significantly impact how you communicate with colleagues, accept criticism, and learning processes. Having little confidence in yourself could prevent you from successfully adapting to the new era of work and hold you back from being the best employee you can be!
You can improve your self-confidence through:

Developing a growth mindset;
Recognizing your strengths and reminding yourself of these daily;
Keeping your inner critic in check;
Setting daily goals;
Celebrating small wins or positive feedback;
Acknowledging your feelings; and
Challenging yourself from time to time.


Working on your self-confidence definitely won’t be easy, especially since you’re working from
home, but it is possible. You don’t have to let your work environment limit your self-
confidence—as long as you work with a behavioral health coach and follow our tips, you can
bring back your self-confidence and perform at your best!
Are you having difficulty working on your self-confidence? Our behavioral health coaches at
BeYoe can provide you with the support and guidance you need! With our help, you can build a
better relationship with yourself and others, frustration-free. Start your coaching today!

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