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Do you often feel off? Are situations or relationships once and a while a challenge to feel 100%
Is it hard for you to say why you often feel stressed / frustrated / fearful? 
All in all, your insecurity and fears are keeping you from having the life you want.

I’m already helping individuals and employees for over 15 years to find what’s keeping them from being happy and having the life they want.

By looking at your situation from an empathic viewpoint, you will be able the see the future more clearly. It will allow us to find the solution.

Do you recognize yourself?

Don't lose precious time

We only have one life and we should be able to enjoy it! If you don’t work on what you can relate to, your situation eventually will influence your relationships, work and other situations.

Stop ignoring yourself!

You too deserve a good and happy life that you can organize all by yourself! I help you to explore the difference between what is really going on, in relation to your beliefs and obstructing thoughts. We will delve deeper into the behavior and communication that arises from this.

Find out the cause

Find out what is really going on and how come you are in your current situation.

Rationalize beliefs and thoughts

Gain insight into how to stop falling victim to your own beliefs.

Behavior and communication

Find out how your beliefs affect your behavior and communication.

The result

About Vic

Years ago I was responsible for a very divers team in a stressful environment. The managing of the team and keeping everybody happy caused me lose sight of myself. I got depressed and didn’t understand what happened.

Now I have, as a mental balance coach, more than 15 years of experience with mental challenges of my customers and employees.

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